Blue Gems

Unfiltered, unedited things that happen early on in the coffee pot. Because of this blog thing now you’re victim to it, as well!

Through the window shines the morning sun

Promising warmth and wild freedom

If only we will get out there and chase it

Throw on some shoes and fly out the door

Stopped in my tracks as if a brick wall materialized in front of me

The sun was a tease

Sharp intake of breath as the cold grabs me tight

Slams me to a stop and reminds me even the sun lies

Wild freedom shall wait

The promise of warmth was broken and I mourn

I mourn the broken trust

And rejoice in the one unwavering friend

Who has never lied or broken a promise

Who will never let me down

Coffee in my favorite Sasquatch cup

If you’re wondering what the ‘blue gems’ refers to you’ll love this. My 6 year old lined up 3 bottles of dish soap in the sunny window and it was just pretty with the sun shining through it. Nope. No purpose. Just pretty. Welcome to my life.

Coffee up and have a blessed day!


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