Discovering this thing called marketing…

Wow. I have officially made a Twitter account. Something I have avoided doing since it’s inception. Have gained a few followers in a few short hours. Maybe this will go smoothly after all! Here’s hoping! If you happen to be interested … @AmyAmymay466. Bear with me, I am new to all this!

Made the author page at Amazon, this blog, twitter, fb personal page…no not up for youtubing. You’ll just have to read my rambles! That is kind of the point of writing, is it not?

Now if only there was as much writing involved in this whole indie authoring business!

Have a blessed day!


Testing this out!

First attempt at keeping a blog and I have no idea what I am doing so bear with me, please. If anyone ever actually reads this thing, it will be a success in my opinion lol

So let’s see if this works and find out what’s next!

If you read this for whatever reason, I hope you have a blessed day!